5 Best Tile Leveling Systems 2023 – Ultimate Reviews

Are you looking for the best tile leveling system that can give you maximum satisfaction? Have you tried a different tile leveling system but it didn’t work out? Are you looking for a cheap tile leveling system that works just like the best-selling product? If your answer is YES for any of the above questions, you are in the right place.

Choosing the best tile leveling system is tough because there are…

Too. Many. Choices. 

Here is the solution:

We have reviewed almost every tile leveling system and find out the top 5 products for you. Just go through the product comparison table and find out the best product according to your need. We will also give you in detail guidelines about how to choose the best tile leveling system and make the proper use of it.

Top 5 Best Tile Leveling Systems

5 Best Tile Leveling System Reviews

1. Peygran Tile Leveling System SUPER KIT – Best Rated

In our review list, we place the Peygran tile leveling system at the top for various types of benefits. First of all, Peygran is the best brand for the tile leveling system. This starter kit is a great way, to begin with, the leveling system. This super kit contains pliers, clips, wedges, and a heavy-duty bucket.

This professional starter kit has superior quality with lippage-free tile and stone installation. It contains 1/8′ pliers, 400 clips, and 200 wedges. It also has mortar settings to avoid movements and ensures flatness between the tiles.

The 1/8′ clips are the white pieces in the super kit which are built with quality material and it helps to make the heavy pieces adjustable and use effectively. As the clips have side cuts, it can easily be removed when the work is done. Wedges have round edges to use it in the crossheads manually. It helps not to damage the ceramics.

This is a great product for both pro and DIY and can be a nice tool collection for the tile leveling system. Though it has a limited-time warranty,  you should definitely give this awesome tool a try. The quality of the product is so great that you don’t need any warranty.

2. Perfect Level Master Tile leveling System T-Lock – Best Budget

Perfect level master tile leveling system

Perfect level master is another great brand for the tile leveling system. This brand has a different listing for 1/8′,1/16′ and 1/32′ clips and you can easily choose according to your need. The model number is called T-Lock and it brings a perfect installation system for all surfaces that covered with tiles. In this article, we will only talk about 1/32′ T-Lock.

A perfect level master brand is a great option for both trade professionals and DIYs as well. The system is so precise that it brings perfect results each time you use it. Coverage is an important thing while buying a leveling system. Coverage depends on tile quality and pattern and you should have 10-20% extra on the job site. It works perfectly with the wood plank, large format, and heavy tiles as well.

The clips are white element and wedges are red and it also has anti lippage tile leveling system. This tile leveling system has high-quality construction and made in the European Union. It can save you a lot of time because it is super fast to install and remove. You should definitely give this awesome tool a try.

3. Raimondi Tile Leveling System Starter Kit – Editor’s Choice

raimondi tile leveling system

Raimondi is one of the old and most popular brand for the tile leveling system. This leveling system starter kit allows you to fast and easy floor installation. It has wedges in a bucket, regular clips, and floor pliers. The product is very lightweight and super durable.

Need 250 piece tile leveling clips: click here

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This awesome leveling starter kit includes 100 leveling wedges, 100 leveling spacer clips, and 1 installation floor plier. With this kit, the minimum required joint is 3/32″, tile thickness is minimum 1/8″ and maximum is 1/2″. This product is very easy to use if you know how much pressure you need to put. It works great with marble flooring and also large tiles.

Raimondi leveling starter kit is a great product with a very decent price. You can also buy clips or wedges according to your need because Raimondi sells them as a retailer. The only con is Raimondi does not provide any kind of warranty. However, you should definitely give this awesome tool a try.

4. RMS Premium Tile Leveling System Reviews

rms tile leveling system

RMS Unlimited Good is a great brand for the tile leveling system. It works great for both the small and large tiles. It is very easy to install and has an anti-lippage system. The colors of the product are white and the product weight is only 4.3 pounds.

This tile leveling system includes 500 individual 1/8 inch(3mm) tile clips. The clips are very easy to use and can help to finish your work quicker with a better result. You will get professional results every time you will use it. The only con is, the kit does not include any wedges, so you need to order them separately. Before using the clips, all you need to do is watch some youtube videos so you don’t make any silly mistakes.

RMS leveling system has a very decent price with a quality product. It is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty which ensures 30-day money-back guarantee. You should definitely add this awesome tool to your tool kit.

5. Yaekoo Lippage Tile Leveling System DIY

yaekoo tile leveling system

YaeKoo is another great brand that provides a quality product at a cheap rate. It is a great tool for the floor, wall, or straps. The materials used for the production of the product are virgin plastics. The product is very lightweight at 2.65 pounds.

There will be 400 clips and 200 wedges. You can save a lot amount of money because the wedges are reusable. You need to know exactly how to use the kit, otherwise, you might break some tiles. The product is virtually lippage-free and helps to remove grinding and polishing.

The price of the product is very low with decent quality. Though the product does not have any kind of warranty, you should definitely give this tool a try if you have a low budget.

Choose Best Tile Leveling Systems

You have to consider some criteria before choosing the best tile leveling system. There are many brands and different types of tools. You need to select the best brand that provides you with the best result. That’s not so easy for you. But we studied this and distributed a complete buying guide for you. You must have read this guide to make a perfect decision.

What is the Best Tile Leveling System?

It is very difficult to define the best leveling system in a word. But with some following elements, we can make an idea about it. We justify it with type, durability, compatibility, stability, cost, length, warranty, and others. First of all, you need to consider your need. If any tile leveling system can fulfill these needs, then we can select that by closing the eyes.


There are different brands available in the maret. Different tile leveling brand provides different amount of clips and wedges. Most of the popular brand provides 400 clips and 200 wedges, and others provide 100 clips and 100 wedges, and many more combinations. That’s why the popular brand has high price than other brands.

Most of the popular brand also sells clips and wedges as a retailer. So, it might be helpful for you if need only the clips or wedges. You need to also check if the wedges are reusable or not. A good brand provides quality wedges and you can use them as many times as you want.

Tool Sizes

There are mainly three types of pliers available in the market right now. They are 1/8″(3MM), 1/16″(2MM), and 1/32 inches. You should choose the best system according to your need. Just measure the size of your tiles and find the best plier for you.


A durable tool provides long-lasting support. Every tool is made of stainless steel metals. The durability depends on the quality of steel. Some brands ensure the right quality. It is difficult to select a durable tool. You should spend money on a durable product. It is important for a plumber.

Design of the tool

For choosing the best tile leveling system, you need to find out a product that has a great design. With the poor quality design, the quality of the tile leveling might be lower. Most of the tile leveling systems we have talked about are made of plastics with great quality design.


Weight is an important factor every time. Functional tools feature a carrying case for easy carrying. It also reduces the tool’s weight. A lightweight tool is expected by every plumber. You feel bored when working with a heavyweight tool. So pick a lightweight crimper.


Brand-to-brand price is variable. According to the budget, you should check the latest price. In our review list, we have already shown you all reliable products for the money. The more money you will spend the more safety product you will get. Make a budget for your desired tool.


The different brand offers different type of warranty. You should concern about the warranty feature. Otherwise, your money will go to ruin. We have given strict thought to this factor. Your product will never get old if it has a long time warranty.

How to Use

If you don’t like to read the guide, just watch the video below to get the full idea…

As a home DIYers or newbie, you should know the using strategies in a short. Let’s talk about how to use the tile leveling system step by step

  1. First Step: Use the half-inch trowel and make some directional troweling.
  2. Second step: Make sure you collapse all ridges when installing.
  3. Third step: Put all the tiles properly on a large scale using the clips and wedges.
  4. Final Step: Skim coat back butter the tiles before settings.

If you are using the leveling system for the wall, watch the video below to get a detailed view…

Final Verdict

You should pick the best quality brand product even if the price is a bit higher. Our top pick was the Peygran tile leveling system, which has a high price with 600pieces(200 wedges and 400 clips). You should definitely buy it if you don’t have any budget issues. On the other hand, YaeKoo is a brand that has a decent leveling system at a low price. Now, the choice is yours!

If you like our review article give us a big thumbs up or shout us a comment below about any questions or critics. Let us know which tile leveling system is best according to you. We also review tube notchers for hole cutting.

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