5 Best Dowel Jig Reviews 2022 – Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for the best dowel jig? Have you tried a different dowel jig but it didn’t work out? Are you looking for a cheap dowel jig kit that works just like the best-selling product? If your answer is YES for any of the above questions, you are in the right place.

Choosing the best dowel jig is tough because there are…Too. Many. Choices. 

We have reviewed almost every dowel jig kit and found the top 5 products for you. Just go through the product comparison table and find out the best product according to your need. We will also give you in detail guidelines about how to choose the best doweling jig and make the proper use of it.

Top 5 Best Dowel Jigs

5 Best Dowel Jig Reviews

1. Milescraft 1309 DowelJigKit Reviews- Complete Doweling Kit – Best Pick

Milescraft 1309 DowelJigKit - Complete Doweling Kit with Dowel Pins and Bits

In our review list, we place it at the top for a lot of reasons. First of all, this is one of the award-winning tools with different size capacities. This dowel jig kit is a Complete Doweling Kit with Dowel Pins and Bits. It provides you with a quick and accurately-doweled corner and edge.

The dowel jig offers Steel dowel/Tenon centers for durable and accurate location marking. This little tool is very easy to use and anyone can use it to make furniture. This is a highly recommended self-centered product with lines up perfectly and works great. The self-center feature helps to ensure accurate center drilling every time.

This is a great product for both pro and DIY and can be a nice tool collection. Though it has a limited-time warranty,  you should definitely give this awesome tool a try. The quality of the product is so great that you don’t need any warranty. This can be the budget pick product for you because of a decent price.

2. Wolfcraft 3751405 Dowel Pro Doweling Jig Kit – Pro Pick

wolfcraft 3751405 Dowel Pro Doweling Jig Kit

Wolfcraft is another great brand that provides a quality product at a cheap rate. It has a compact design with durable steel construction. It also has steel bushing with three sizes and they are 1/4-inch, 5/16-inch, and 3/8-inch. The product is very lightweight at 1.9 pounds.

There will be dowel clamps, steel depth stops, dowel pins, and a dowel guide available. This dowel jig is ideal for creating edge-to-edge, edge-to-corner, and T-joints. There is some downside to the product. The dowels may not be centered every time. The stop collar is not worth it and screws are made with cheap material.

The price of the product is very low with decent quality. It is also backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty which is quite rare for dowel jig. It also includes a ‘How To’ doweling guide which makes it very easy to use. You should definitely give this tool a try if you have a low budget.

3. Jessem Model 08350 Doweling Jig Master Kit – Editor’s Choice

Jessem Model 08350 Dowelling Jig Master Kit

Jessem is a great brand for the dowel jig category and includes lots of tools. It includes 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ dowel accessories for drilling. This also includes a drill guide, drill bit, stop collar, and indexing pin. It is built with CNC machined aluminum that makes it super durable. This is one of the most lightweight products among all the popular brands.

This awesome doweling jig is perfect for creating multiple dowel hole configurations. It has a built-in alignment slot which makes perfect aligned dowel holes. The clamping system is so perfect that, this dowel jig holds a nice position for an accurate drill. This is a high-quality dowel jig.

Jessem dowel jig is a great product with a very high price. But if you want to get all the tools and accessories, then this will be one of the best choices. The seller does not include any warranty. This is another con of this product. However, you should definitely give this awesome tool a try for a high value.

4. Milescraft 13110003 JointPro – Professional Doweling Jig

Milescraft 13110003 JointPro - Professional Doweling Jig

Miescraft is a great brand for the best dowel jig products. It made the doweling super easy. The construction of the product is so accurate that it does not need any kind of measurement or calculation. This tool has two bushings each. You can use almost three bushing sizes and they are 1/4″, 5/16″ or 3/8″.

This tool Clamp both boards simultaneously for precise hole alignment. The jig can work perfectly every time. It also has rugged aluminum on the side which makes it super sturdy. Per setup, you can drill up to six matching holes for stronger joints. If you add a spacer block then the offset holes are very easy.

It has a very decent price with a quality product. The mainframe material is wood. One downside of the product is it does not have any kind of warranty. For the sloppy machine work, the quality control is not so good. But overall, this is an awesome tool worth giving a try.

5. Milescraft 13190003 JointMate – Handheld Dowel Jig

Milescraft - 13190003 1319 JointMate - Handheld Dowel Jig

Milescraft JointMate Handheld Dowel Jig provides a quality product at a cheap rate. It has a compact design with durable ABS plastic construction. And It works with 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ thick lumber.

It is easy to adjust the depth of the board so that each hole will be precise from one to the next. This dowel jig is ideal for self-centering. This ensures accurate alignment and longer doweling life when drilling for perfectly positioned dowels.

The price of the product is very low with decent quality. It also includes a ‘How To’ doweling guide which makes it very easy to use. You should definitely give this tool a try if you have a low budget.

Choosing The Best Dowel Jig

You have to consider some criteria before choosing the best dowel jig. There are many brands and different types of tools. You need to select the best brand that provides you with the best result. That’s not so easy for you. But we studied this and distributed a complete buying guide for you. You must have read this guide to make a perfect decision.

What is the Best Dowel Jig?

It is very difficult to define the best dowel jig in a word. But with some following elements, we can make an idea about it. We justify it with type, durability, compatibility, stability, cost, length, warranty, and others. First of all, you need to consider your need. If any of the doweling jigs can fulfill these needs, then you can select that by closing your eyes.

Brand of Dowel Jigs

There are different brands available in the market. Different dowel jig brand provides different amount of clips and wedges. Most of the popular brand provides different bushing sizes. The variety of bushing sizes may be helpful for different works. Some of the brands provide cool accessories to make the doweling super fast and easy.

Bushing Sizes

Bushing sizes play a vital role while choosing your desired dowel jig. A quality doweling jig should have at least 3 bushing sizes. If you got more than 3, then it is a bonus. Quality and dynamic dowel jig provide at least 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch, and 3/8 inch bushing.

Durable construction

A durable tool provides long-lasting support. Every tool is made of stainless steel metals. The durability depends on the quality of the materials. Most of the dowel jig is built with grade aluminum and others are solid metal or steel. So, the durable construction feature is a key factor while choosing your dowel jig.

Ease of use

No matter how good the construction quality, how lightweight the product, or how much warranty it gives, the most important thing is how easy it is to use. Most of the popular brands provide a self-centered system and other features to make it super easy to use. Some brands also provide a ‘how to’ guide to ensure user-friendly and smart use.


Weight is an important factor every time. Functional tools feature a carrying case for easy carrying. It also reduces the tool’s weight. A lightweight tool is expected by every plumber. You feel bored when working with a heavyweight tool. So pick a lightweight dowel jig.


Brand-to-brand price is variable. According to the budget, you should check the latest price. In our review list, we have already shown you all reliable products for the money. The more money you will spend the more safety product you will get. Make a budget for your desired tool.


The different brand offers different type of warranty. You should concern about the warranty feature. Otherwise, your money will go to ruin. We have given strict thought to this factor. Your product will never get old if it has a long time warranty.

How to Use Dowel Jig

Most of the dowel jigs provide a ‘how-to‘ guide with the product. If you are curious and want to know how to make the proper use of the jig kit and do the doweling then watch the video below…

How to Make a Dowel Jig(DIY)?

If you like to make things, then it’s time to make your own dowel jig. You don’t need any kind of technical knowledge. All you need is some tools like a small piece of plexiglass and plywood, metal pipe/bushings with 3/8 diameter inside, and a few simple tools. Then just follow the video below and make your first DIY dowel jig.

Final Verdict

For the best dowel jig, you should pick the best quality brand product even if the price is a bit higher. If you want a high-quality product you should definitely choose between Task or Rockler brands. But if you have a budget issue and like a product warranty, Wolfcraft might be a great choice. Go through the products one more time and find the best one according to your need. Now, the choice is yours!

If you like our review article give us a big thumbs up or shout us a comment below about any questions or critics. Let us know which Dowel Jig is best according to you.

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