5 Best PVC Pipe Cutters 2022 – Ultimate Reviews

Are you looking for the best PVC pipe cutters? Ok, make sure first that you want to buy the best one. Having a top-quality PVC pipe cutting tool is just as difficult as choosing the right tool today. But we have made your job very easy. To continue reading the full article…

The next big decision you have to make is to choose the perfect one. It is challenging to make a selection in a wide range of collections. Because you would be dealing with an overflow of choices. Especially in coming up with an informed and lucrative investment, our review guide is your initial step in making that important decision.

So, which of the best PVC pipe cutters are great for you? Choose it Yourself!

Top 5 Best PVC Pipe Cutters

5 Best PVC Pipe Cutters Reviews

1. RIDGID 23498 Model RC-1625 Ratcheting Plastic Pipe and Tubing Cutter – Best Budget

RIDGID 23498 Model RC-1625 Ratcheting Plastic Pipe and Tubing Cutter

RIDGID 23498 PVC pipe cutter is our first choice. Because it is constructed from durable steel and is a long-lasting tool. And this cutter is very easy to use. Besides that, it features an easily replaceable X-CEL quick change blade which is nice. And the ergonomic grips on the bottom handle provide you with more comforts.

Matthew says, “I am a wastewater treatment plant operator so I am often doing PVC pipe repairs and these are the best pipe cutters I’ve ever used. They may seem a little on the pricey side, but they are well worth it. they slice through schedule 80 pipes with little effort. These are soo much easier on your hands and wrist than cheaper inferior versions.”

Most importantly, these cutters are long-lasting. And the Grips provide you with too much comfort, control, and less hand fatigue. And it is very easy to use.

2. Milwaukee M12 12-Volt Cordless PVC Shear Reviewed – Top Rated

Milwaukee M12 12-Volt Cordless PVC Shear Reviewed.

This particular piece of hardware features some high-end mechanisms. Scheduling at 80 PVC and it can cut up to 2-inch just lets you get the idea of how good this machinery is. You can increase your productivity with repetitive cuts as it features a quick blade return.

This particular machinery is made from some quality material including stainless steel blade with an aluminum Jaw. These features allow it to be quite impactful, and resistant to water and rust. Additionally, it has 5 years warranty.

Its Razor-Sharp Peirce point allows you to cut burr-free through any pipe including PEX tubing. CPVC, BlazeMaster, PVC, Non-Metallic Conduit, ABS, and Rubber Hose. It features quite a powerful mechanism that can cut up to 2-inch in three seconds by scheduling 40 PVC. The ultra-sharp blade leaves no burrs and shavings.

3. RIDGID Single Stroke Plastic Pipe and Tubing Cutter – Editor’s Choice


The single-stroke plastic pipe and tube cutter RIDGID 23488 is an easy-to-use tool ideal for cutting plastic pipes and tubes. It is designed to be used quickly and easily pipe cutter features handles for faster positioning with spring loading single stroke cuts easy. Built-in the end, its reversible blade provides blade life two times.

This tube cutter is capable of 1/8″ to 1-5/8″ O.D. and is suitable for plastic cutting (PVC, CPVC, PP, PEX, PE). That’s it. A One-stroke cutter is not ideal for multi-layer cutting tubing. Tubing RIDGID guarantees its products for a lifetime material or manufacturing defects for the tool’s life.

RIDGID has remained the symbol of certainty since 1923, dedicated expert trade professionals. All tools that RIDGID was manufactured to the same high standards quality, strength, and endurance, like the first heavy-duty more than 80 years ago, pipe wrench.

4. Rothenberger Plastic Pipe Cutter/Shear 1.5/8″ (52000)

Rothenberger Plastic Pipe Cutter/Shear 1.5/8" (52000)

For 70 years, ROTHENBERGER has been a leading manufacturer of hand tools, pipe threading machines, tubing cutters, drain cleaners, inspection cameras, press-fitting tools, HVAC-R systems, and other products that are used on a daily basis by plumbers and pipefitters as well as other trades.

So I owned one of these then I bought another and both of them were so dammed clunky and glitchy. after one or 2 uses this thing really needs help to work. I have no idea why I tried to buy a second one. their mechanism is just a bad idea. do yourself a favor and buy a different brand.

This cutter is worth every penny. A high-quality tool that I would buy again, although it is robust enough to last many years.

5. Ratcheting PVC Cutter Klein Tools 50031

Ratcheting PVC Cutter Klein Tools 50031

One of the most used cutters for PVC that provides straight cuts of 1/2-inch to 1-1/4-Inch (O.D. 5/8-Inch to 1-5/8-Inch) is white and gray schedule 40 and 80 PVC. The biggest reason to buy this as a non-professional or even professional is that you can use it with just a single hand and it will cut the PVC straight like magic and it is so lightweight that won’t make your hands tired of using it.

Actually, it relaxes your hands with built-in features like the automatic release of the blades that you don’t need to put the blades apart manually. You don’t need to change the blade instantly with an extra tool that most of the cutters in the market need to change the user and dull blade. It comes with extra blades that you can easily change with the used ones.

Choose the Best PVC Pipe Cutters

Today, it is very tough to find out the best PVC cutters within a short time. At first, you need to consider some factors before buying a PVC cutting tool. Because there are some important and necessary thing you have to follow.

We have selected all those cutters according to safety, price, durability, stability, brand, and all other valuable factors. Before buying you also need to know those factors at least one time. Here to go…


Durability is another great factor before buying the Best PVC cutters. Some cutters are made of high-quality steel, others are made of heavy-duty plastic. In most cases, you have to pay for the best ones. You just do not want to spend a great amount of money on a less quality product. Spend more money initially, and you’ll spend less time at a low cost. Our top picks are selected according to durability.

Ease of Using

You have to consider it easy to use highly. Because the plumbing project is a long-time project. You have to use the perfect tool if you are a newbie. For the reason that you need to read our full review. The best brand provides a reliable product according to comfortability.


Price is another important factor to consider. Because with a better price you can do something better. So make sure that you are ready o spend money in the right place.


Warranty is another great feature for your cutters. Because you can be able to get extra benefits from the warranty. Sometimes you will get up to 2 years of the lifetime warranty with Milwaukee. So the warranty is also an important factor before buying the best PVC cutters. Because the warranty will provide more security for your tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will these products cut 1.5″ PVC pipe?
Not according to the listed specifications. The Rigid Model RC-1625 plastic pipe cutter has a 1/8-inch (.125″) to 1-5/8-inch (1.65″) O.D. capacity. The actual Outside Diameter of the size 1.5″ PVC pipe is 1.9″.

2. What is the difference between PEX and a PVC pipe cutter?
This cutter is mainly designed for cutting PEX Pipes. Some feedback from our customers says that it cannot work with PVC pipes, some say it can work with PVC pipes. You can have a try.

3. Does these come with any warranty?
Milwaukee tools come with a 5-year warranty. I have broken the drill Sawzall impact and send them back to Milwaukee and they fix them for me.

4. Will these are able to cut stainless steel tubes that are 0.33 mm thick?
No, they are all not able to cut.

5. Where do I get blades?
Search for the Ridgid 26803 PC-1250 Replacement Blade. I found them on Amazon as well as through several other sellers.

Final Verdict

So you decided to buy the best PVC pipe cutters. Remember, good cutters, are very important for your big project. You’ve already got the idea that the best PVC cutting tools and what their special features are. In addition, these products are from popular brands that provide excellent customer service. You will not regret the decision and spend your money properly.

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