5 Best RJ45 Crimper 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

So, you are looking for the best rj45 crimper? Do not worry. We have done the work for you. Here we have reviewed almost every brand and latest rj45 crimping tool. It’s not very easy to find the best rj45 crimp tool. Because there are…

While choosing the best rj45 crimper, you should look for the tool size, length, ergonomic design, ease of use, durability, price, and warranty. In our review list, we describe all tools specifically according to customer reviews. We have rated every tool by measuring with our buying guide. That will help you to select the best RJ45 crimping tool

…don’t waste your time anymore. Just pick the best one from below.

Top 5 Best RJ45 Crimper Tool

5 Best RJ45 Crimper Reviews

1. Trendnet Rj-45 Crimp, Cut And Strip Tool – Overall Best Pick

best rj45 crimper

In our review list, we place it at the top for various types of benefits. This incredible crimper has 8 and 6 position modular plugs. It provides a user-friendly design that works great with any Ethernet or telephone cable. It has a compact design with a different crimping cavity.
This professional crimp tool has the ability to cut and strip flat cable and functions for 8P/RJ-45 and 6P/RJ-12, RJ-11. It has a heavy-duty steel construction which has made it more durable and long-lasting. This tool provides two sizes of plugs and a built-in cutter and stripper.
Trendnet crimping tool has a Ratchet mechanism which is very useful to keep the tool closed when not in use. This crimper offers a reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable solution to any kind of cutting needs. You can get this awesome tool at a very cheap price. It is backed by a 1-year limited warranty which is a bonus. The only downside to the product is the poor locking mechanism. You should definitely give this awesome tool a try.

2. Platinum Tools 100054C RJ45 Crimper Tool – Best for Budget

platinum tools crimper

If you are looking for the best RJ45 crimp tool, then you must look over the Platinum tools brand. Like all other crimpers, it has lots of functions at a very cheap price. It has high leverage and a stable platform for providing consistent and repeatable terminations. The patented crimp and trim system provide a clean, flush trim on the extended conductors for all EZ connectors.

This crimp tool is designed for the professional and great for DIY projects as well. It is a heavy-duty tool that provides high performance. The larger OD cables are tough enough to terminate due to larger wire gauges, thicker, harder insulation on the conductors, and pair separating splines. It has a zero flex frame that prevents torque loss during the crimping cycle.

This awesome crimper has a lot of positive customer reviews. It has a built-in cutter and stripper for flat and round cable. For getting proper wire sequence, you will get laser marked with a wiring guide. This tool is the best possible solution for the preparation, installation, and hand termination of wire and cable. It is backed by a 1-year limited warranty which is a bonus. Give this awesome tool a try.

3. UbiGear Cable Tester, Crimp Crimper, 100 RJ45 CAT5 CAT5e Tool Kits – Pro Pick

ubigear crimper instructions

UbiGear is another great brand for providing lots of cool electric products and accessories. It is a great tool that works as a cable tester, crimp crimper, and connector plug network tool kit. This tool works perfectly for RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 connectors. You will see LED lights flash if all the wires are properly connected. It has 1 free wire stripper with this awesome tool.

Crimper315 has test correspondingly double-twisted cables. You can easily judge the connections whether it has a wrong connection, short circuit, and open circuit. It provides a nice detachable remote tester which is great for testing remote cables up to 1000ft. in length. You will need 2 piece AAA batteries which are not included with this crimper. It comes with a protective leather case which is great for portability and protection as well.

UbiGear brand provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 1-year limited warranty. It is one of the lightweight rj45 crimpers at a very cheap price. The dimension of the crimper315 is 8.5 x 1.5 x 6 inches. It has a durable construction with long-lasting features. You should definitely give this awesome crimper a try.

4. Hiija EZ RJ45 Crimp Tool Pass-Through Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 Crimping Tool

RJ45 Crimp Tool review

Hiija is a multifunctional crimper brand with a fast, reliable modular crimp connection. In this crimp tool kit, you will get a 50PCS CAT6 end-pass with an ethernet connector. You will also get 50 pieces of Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7 RJ45 plug connector cover, and a network wire stripper. You can use this tool for versatile use as the cut, strip, and crimp all kinds of cables. It is compatible with all RJ45 CAT6 connectors as well.

Hiija crimp tool is made of professional-grade heavy-duty steel which provides exceptional torque without bending. The head assembly provides 360 degrees of connector support for terminating modular plugs on stranded or solid cable which is a bonus.  It has a replaceable blade with textured handle grips. This awesome handle reduces hand fatigue and prevents slipping during cutting, stripping, and crimping.

Hiija crimp tool provides an 18-month warranty with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You will get toll-free tech support and friendly customer service. If you are not satisfied, you will get a full refund of your purchase price. The price is of the tool is higher than any average crimp tool. You highly recommended you buy this perfect tool.

5. Klein Tools Ratcheting Crimper, RJ45 Crimper Cutter Stripper

klein tools crimper

On our review list, the Klein tool crimp tool is in the last place. This is a fast, reliable crimp tool with steel body construction. It provides an ergonomic design which has made the grip very comfortable. You can use this tool to cut any kind of twisted Pair, ethernet, RJ45 voice, and data cables. It provides reliable modular-crimp connector installation which is great.

Klein tool is a great crimper that has 4, 6, and 8 position modular connectors which are designed for Western Electric or Stewart Stamping type modular connectors. It has a ratchet safety release and a blade-guard which reduce the risk of injury. This crimper provides a full-cycle ratchet mechanism that prevents the release of the connector prior to full compression.

Klein tools brand provides yellow and black grips that enhance comfort, visibility, and allow quick identification. It has a very lightweight design which makes it very easy to use. It is backed by a 6-month limited warranty. The price of the tool is a little bit higher than any average crimp tool. You should give this tool a try.

Choose Best RJ45 Crimper Tool

You have to consider some criteria before choosing the best rj45 crimp tool. There are many brands and different types of tools. You need to select the best crimp brand that provides you with the best result. That’s not so easy for you. But we studied this and distributed a complete buying guide for you. You must have read this guide to make a perfect decision.

What is the best RJ45 crimper?
It is very difficult to define the best rj45 crimp tool in a word. But with some following elements, we can make an idea about it. We justify it with type, durability, compatibility, stability, cost, length, warranty, and others. First of all, you need to consider your need. If any rj45 crimper can fulfill these needs, then we can select that by closing the eyes.

Types of Crimping Tool

Plumbing requires a crimping tool and, there are two types of crimper in the market today. These are copper ring crimper and cinch clamp crimper. Somebody says that cinch tools are more efficient than copper crimpers. Many plumbers are happy with the copper crimper.


Calibration means the function by which one can refresh the tool for smooth installation. After a long time of use, the jaw heads become stretched out. As a result, it doesn’t work well. It should be calibrated on your own. Some tools are factory calibrated. Those are great for long-term use.

Ratchet Function

The ratchet function of a tool increases the efficiency of work. When a connection is fully crimped, it makes an easy release from the connectors. It notified you about your 100% crimping position. It also reduces your working hour. Some tools may not have this ratchet function.


A durable tool provides long-lasting support. Every tool is made of stainless steel metals. The durability depends on the quality of steel. Some brands ensure the right quality. It is difficult to select a durable tool. You should spend money on a durable product. It is important for a plumber.

Ergonomic Design

Before buying a crimper you should take a closer look over it. It should have a handheld grip. For a long time working it will help you much. It can reduce your stress. With a comfortable gripper tool, you will enjoy your plumbing so much.


Weight is an important factor every time. Functional tools feature a carrying case for easy carrying. It also reduces the tool’s weight. A lightweight tool is expected by every plumber. You feel bored when working with a heavyweight tool. So pick a lightweight crimper.


Brand-to-brand price is variable. According to the budget, you should check the latest price. In our review list, we have already shown you all reliable products for the money. The more money you will spend the more safety product you will get. Make a budget for your desired tool.


The different brand offers different type of warranty. You should concern about the warranty feature. Otherwise, your money will go to ruin. We have given strict thought to this factor. Your product will never get old if it has a long time warranty.

In our list, Trendnet, Platinum Tools, and UbiGear provide a 1-year limited warranty. Hiija brand provides an 18-month warranty with a 100% refund guarantee. Klein tools provide a 6-month limited warranty.


Always should concern about tool safety. You have to know how to use this tool. Don’t keep your tool where and there. In a wet place, it may be damaged. Keep it in the toolbox safely. Don’t work in a low lighting area. It can happen a misuse of your tool anytime. So be aware of tool safety. Most of the crimp tool in our list provides safety features.

Final Verdict

Electricians are badly in need of a perfect RJ45 crimper today. By this headache, we had decided to publish a complete review of the best RJ45 crimper tool. We are feeling successful now to deliver you a valuable buying guide. We have researched 28 hours and compared 14 models of crimper to give you the best product possible. As a result, we have been able to give you an outstanding review article. Those are reviewed very reliably for anyone. Just concerned about your need and pick up one without any risk.

Always we think about our valuable viewers and their valuable time. Hence, you make proper utilization of your time. Shoot us a comment below and let us know which RJ45 crimper is best according to you.

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