5 Best Jeep Winches 2024 – Review Guide

Are you looking for the best jeep winches that can give you maximum satisfaction? Have you tried different jeep winches but it didn’t work out? Are you looking for cheap jeep winches that work just like the best-selling product? If your answer is YES for any of the above questions, you are in the right place.

Choosing the best jeep winches is tough because there are…

Too. Many. Choices. 

Here is the solution:

We have reviewed almost every jeep winches and found the top 5 products for you. Just go through the product comparison table and find out the best product according to your need. We will also give you in detail guidelines about how to choose the best winch for a jeep and make the proper use of it.

Top 5 Best Jeep Winches

  1. Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch – Best Budget
  2. Superwinch 1511200 Tiger Shark winch – Top Rated
  3. Smittybilt Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch – Editor’s Choice
  4. WARN 26502 M8000 8000-lb Winch
  5. OFFROAD BOAR Synthetic Rope Waterproof Winch

5 Best Jeep Winch Reviews

1. Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch – 9500 lb. Load Capacity

best zeep winches

In our review list, we place it at the top for a lot of reasons. First of all, this is one of the products that have different load capacities available. The minimum load capacity is 9500 lb. It is completely waterproof with a 500AMP solenoid. It has a great planetary gear system with a 3 stage and 6.6 HP amphibious motor.

The Smittybilt winch has a waterproof IP67 rating with a corded remote. It recommends using supplied wiring and also comes complete with all wiring required for installation. The minimum recommended battery for the winching is 650CCA. The overall dimension of the product is 20.88″ (L) x 6.3″ (W) x 7.4″ (H).

This is very easy to install and takes like 1 hour to install at most. Another great thing about the product is it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and also has a 3-year electrical warranty. This heavy-duty product comes at a very decent price. It has used the next generation of winching technology. We highly recommend this product and you should definitely give this awesome tool a try.

2. Superwinch 1511200 Tiger Shark 11.5, 12 VDC winch

zeep winch reviews

Superwinch is another great brand for the best jeep winches under 500 dollars. It has a different style and model with a very decent price. Superwinch has a 6.0 HP motor which helps to reduce the damage from rain, snow, and blowing dust. This is a heavy-duty product with 12 feet rubber hand-held remote. It has an ergonomic free spool design which makes free spooling easy.

The material of this jeep winch is luxury stainless steel hardware, fairlead rollers, and tie bars to keep the elements at bay. The break is mechanical and automatic load-holding. The rope is Steel 3/8″ x 84′ (9.5mm x 26m) and the hook is built with heavy-duty clevis pinned latched. This awesome tool is designed in the UK and made in China.

There are mainly 4 different styles and models available for this awesome tool.  The load capacity is 11,500 lbs. There are mainly two downsides to the product. Firstly, it does not back by any kind of warranty. Lastly, it can get hot under load. Overall, You should definitely give this awesome tool a try.

3. Smittybilt 98510 X2O Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch

smittybilt winch

As you already know, Smittybilt is our favorite choice for the best winch for the jeep category. This is another model of Smittybilt brand with 10000 lbs. It has a wireless remote and synthetic line included. That’s why the price is higher than any average jeep winch. It also has 3 stages planetary gear system which has made it super-efficient.

This has a forged hook and inductive braking system which reduces heat for long-lasting performances. It also has oversized tie rod struts for maximum strength. Smittybilt has a larger clutch for easy control during gloved operations. It provides multiple mounting options on the control pack. Besides that, it is available with different load capacities.

It is always awesome if buy some tool that has some warranty. This awesome tool is backed by a lifetime mechanical warranty and a 5-year electrical warranty. The price is high than any other average winch because of the awesome quality and cool features of the products. You should definitely give this awesome tool a try.

4. WARN 26502 M8000 8000-lb Winch

warn jeep winches

Warn is another great brand for the jeep winch products. It has nice remote control and an ergonomic pistol-grip handle that sits comfortably in the hand. However, it provides a powerful 4.8 horsepower series wound motor and a 3-stage planetary gear train. It provides synthetic rope which has a length of 100-feet.

Like all other popular brands, it provides a 3-stage planetary gearbox which is very efficient. It also provides a control box which is very well made. You need to connect the control box with the motor and you are good to go. It works great in any situation. The gear ratio is 216:1 and the automatic direct drive cone brake.

Warn jeep winch has a higher price with a great quality product. It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and all parts have a 1-year warranty. It has 8,000 pounds of pulling power and can pull you out of any situation. The product is made in the USA. You should give this awesome tool a try.

5. OFFROAD BOAR Synthetic Rope Waterproof Winch

best winch for jeep

Like all other popular jeep winch brands, Offroad Boar provides synthetic rope, waterproof and dustproof features. The length of the rope is 85 feet of 3/8 inch. It has a 3-stage planetary gear system which has made it super efficient to use. It provides one wireless remote controller and one hand controller as well as a bonus.

The price of the product is pretty high with nice quality. It provides a maximum load capacity of 13000 lbs. It is also backed by a commercial one-year warranty. You should definitely give this tool a try if you have a decent budget.

Choosing The Best Jeep Winches

You have to consider some criteria before choosing the best jeep winches. There are many brands and different types of tools. You need to select the best brand that provides you with the best result. That’s not so easy for you. But we studied this and distributed a complete buying guide for you. You must have read this guide to make a perfect decision.

What are the Best Jeep Winches?

It is very difficult to define the best winches for jeep in a word. But with some following elements, we can make an idea about it. We justify it with type, durability, compatibility, stability, cost, length, warranty, and others. First of all, you need to consider your need. If any of the winches can fulfill these needs, then you can select that by closing your eyes.

Brand of Jeep Winch

There are different brands available in the market. Different jeep winch brand provides different load capacity. Most of the popular brand provides the same type of motor and rope. Smittybilt is one of the popular brands according to quality and price. Warn is another brand that provides heavy-duty products with a nice gear system.

Watch the video below to know how to choose the best winch for your Jeep…

Types of Winches

There are mainly two types of winches. They are…

  • Electric Winch
  • Hydraulic Winch

All of the popular brands provide electric winch because they are easy to install and cheap as well. The load capacity of the electric winch is medium or low. On the other hand, the Hydraulic winch is hard to install but it can bear high load capacity. But, the downside is the higher price.

Type of Rope

There are mainly two types of ropes are available in the jeep winch. They are steel cable and synthetic ropes. Most of the popular brands use synthetic ropes because they are very easy to use and not harmful or injury-free. On the other hand, the steel cable is super durable but you can not use it without gloves.

Pulling Power

No matter how good the construction quality, one of the most important things is the pulling power of the jeep winch. The price varies according to the pulling power of the winch. Most of the popular brands provide a variety of load capacity with a range of 8000 lbs to 15000 lbs. You should choose your winch according to your jeep or car.


You should always look for the features of the winch. The most popular brand provides a waterproof and dustproof function with a high-quality motor. It also provides automatic brake control and a heavy-duty sealed contactor. The synthetic ropes and wireless remote are also great features that you need to have in your winch.


Brand-to-brand price is variable. According to the budget, you should check the latest price. In our review list, we have already shown you all reliable products for the money. The more money you will spend the more heavy-duty product you will get. Make a budget for your desired tool. We have tried to provide the best quality product at a minimum price.


The different brand offers different type of warranty. You should concern about the warranty feature. Otherwise, your money will go to ruin. We have given strict thought to this factor. The Smittybilt brand provides a lifetime mechanical warranty with a 5-year electrical warranty. On the other hand, Warn brand provides a limited lifetime warranty with a 1-year warranty for the parts.

How to Use Jeep Winches

Most of the jeep winches are super easy to install and use. If you are curious and want to know how to make the proper use of the jeep winches, then watch the video below…

If you are confused with the best winch line for your jeep, just watch the video below to know the difference between using synthetic rope and steel cable. Choose the best one which works better with your jeep.

Final Verdict

For the best jeep winches, you should pick the best quality brand product even if the price is a bit higher. For the high-quality product, you should definitely choose Smittybilt, Superwinch, or Warn brand. If you want a lifetime warranty, then Smittybilt and Warn can be your best choice. Just go through the comparison table one more time and find the best one according to your need. Now, the choice is yours!

If you like our review article give us a big thumbs up or shout us a comment below about any questions or critics. Let us know which jeep winch is best according to you. You can also find the perfect spot weld cutter on our website.

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