5 Best Radiator Case Fans for Liquid Cooling 2022 [140mm]

Are you planning to buy the best radiator fans or just want to gather some information? Of course, make sure that you first decide to buy the “best radiator fans”. Having a top-quality 140mm radiator case fan is just as difficult as choosing the right tool today. But we have made your job very easy.

The next big decision you have to make is to choose the best radiator fan for liquid cooling. We know how challenging it could be to make a selection in a wide range of radiator fans. Because you would be dealing with an overflow of choices. Especially in coming up with an informed and lucrative investment, our review guide is your initial step in making that important decision.

So, which of the best radiator fans are great for you? Choose it Yourself!

Top 5 Best Radiator Fans

5 Best Radiator Fans Review [140mm]

1. Corsair Air Series AF120 LED Quiet Edition Radiator Fan – Overall Best Reviews

Corsair Air Series AF120 LED Quiet Edition High Airflow Fan Twin Pack - Blue best radiator fans

Corsair Air Series AF120 LED quiet edition high airflow fan is our first choice. The Corsair PC case fans come to combine efficiently. It provides low-noise airflow with striking LED lighting. Most importantly, the custom-molded blades are made for high-volume air supply. And it provides less noise and turbulence than typical case fans. Additionally, the light from the four LEDs creates a dramatic effect.

These air series AF fan models perform perfectly in unrestricted spaces. The Corsair is ideal for mounting at the rear or top of your PC case. You can use them as exhaust fans for your PC’s motherboard, CPU, graphics accelerators, and other components. We think this is best for every kind of high-quality desktop.

Furthermore, it is designed to outperform standard case fans. And the sleeved bearing system reduces vibration for quiet operation. Finally, you will get 30 days money refund warranty from Corsair. It is very important for you.

2. Thermaltake 140mm Circular LED Ring Case/Radiator Fan

Thermaltake Ring 14 High Static Pressure 140mm Circular LED Ring CaseRadiator Fan with Anti-Vibration Mounting System Cooling CL-F039-PL14BU-A Blue best case fans

In the second number position, we select the Thermaltake Ring 14 high static pressure 140mm circular LED case or radiator fan. Recently, the Thermaltake has released the new Riing 12 and 14 LED series case/radiator fans. It features enhanced static pressure to produce impressive cooling. Because it has optimized fan blades. And these are driven by hydraulic bearings.

Most importantly, this provides silent operation always. You can use this for extremely low noise operation and anti-vibration mounting. Furthermore, the patented LED Ring Series control the color and brightness outstandingly. So the lighting effect is visible from all sides and angles. This will enhance your PC looking than ever.

Furthermore, it is designed to outperform standard case fans. We think it is one of the best radiator fans on the market. Finally, you will get 30 days money refund warranty from the Thermaltake brand. It is necessary for you.

3. Noctua NF-A14 FLX Premium Quiet Fan

Noctua NF-A14 FLX, Premium Quiet Fan, 3-Pin (140mm, Brown)

Noctua NF-A14 FLX, Premium Quiet Fan provides a fluid, fast and outstanding cooling. As we review it at the number three position. The NF-A14 is a premium quality quiet 140mm radiator fan. It maintains Noctua’s AAO(Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) standard. It is ideal for use on water cooling radiators fans. The NF-A14 improves the renowned quiet cooling performance than ever.

Additionally, it will be supplied with low-noise adaptors. So it can provide 1200/1050/900rpm speed settings. For the maximum ventilation performance or near-silent operation, it is perfect and outstanding. However, It will provide superb smoothness running. Besides that, it comes with reference-class SSO2 bearing for long-lasting service. We think it is an elite choice for the highest demands.

Therefore, Noctua aims at providing the highest possible level of reliability and convenience. They ensure it by offering a warranty period of 6 years and direct, fast, and straightforward RMA service. That is really great for everyone.

4. Antec True Quiet 140 140mm Cooling Fan – Best Case Radiator

Antec TrueQuiet 140 140mm Cooling Fan

At four positions we are coming with Antec true quiet 140mm cooling fan. Antec’s True Quiet fans feature a proven cooling system for your personal computer. You will get quiet computing to your system. It is constructed for versatility and maximum durability. It has 2-speed switches which allow you to choose silent or maximum RPM cooling.

We know the functional computers need a high-quality cooling system. The True Quiet is equipped with silicone grommets for high-quality durability. It also provides a uniquely designed fan blade to reduce turbulence, vibration, and noise. So you will get an overall quiet operation. True Quiet comes in 140/120 mm fans. So upgrade your fans and add optimal cooling and functionality to your PC.

Finally, Antec aims at providing the highest possible level of reliability and convenience. They ensure it by offering a warranty period of 1 year and straightforward RMA service. The 30 days money refund is included in the package. That is really great for everyone.

5. Corsair ML140 140mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan

Corsair ML140, 140mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan (2-Pack)

Corsair ML140 premium magnetic levitation fan is one of the best radiator fans for today. For the reason that we have reviewed it here. It comes at an affordable price which has high-quality user experiences. Corsair is a premium quality case fan with magnetic bearings. It provides lower noise, higher performance, and a longer life span. You can choose it for your PC.

It provides the perfect balance between high static pressure and high airflow. For the reason that it is operating flawlessly in the most difficult environment. Additionally, the 600 RPM control range gives you total control. As you will maintain silence and absolute performance perfectly.

Finally, Corsair aims at providing the highest possible level of reliability and convenience. They ensure it by offering a warranty period of 1 year and lifetime service. The 30 days money refund is included in the package. That is really important for everyone.

How to Choose Best Radiator Fans

Today, it is very tough to find out the best radiator fans within a short time. At first, you need to consider some factors before buying a radiator fan. Because there are some important and necessary thing you have to follow.

We have selected all those radiator fans according to safety, price, warranty, durability, stability, brand, and all other valuable factors. Before buying you also need to know those factors at least one time. Here to go…

Types of Radiator Fan

For most of the considerations, you can check out the types of your radiator fan. There are different types of radiator fans. Among them, two types of fans are popular and useful for the fluid cooling system. These are static pressure and high airflow. You also choose between shaped and straight radiator fans.

In our review list, we have reviewed almost all types of radiator fans. Now you have to choose the best types that you actually need for your PCs.

Fan Size

Fan size is one of the best considerations for your PC. Because you have to choose the perfect size that actually needs for your PC. Otherwise, it will not adjust to your PC. So you have to know the right sizes of your pc before buy.

However, 120mm and 140mm sizes are the most usable and popular sizes. Most gaming PC needs 140mm radiator fans. That is why we reviewed almost all fans according to 140mm.


You have to check out the airflow before buying a radiator case fan. Because all the best case fans provide continuous airflow without disturbing. The more money you spend, the better the airflow you will get. So choose the great product according to airflow.

High Static Pressure

When you are looking for the best radiator fan, you must be checked out the static pressure of the fan. Because these are better for the bad environment of your PC. You will get maximum efficiency with high static pressure. So make sure that your fan provides the highest static pressure always.


Durability is another great factor before buying a radiator fan. Some radiator fans are made of refractory glass, others are made of heavy-duty plastic. You just do not want to spend a great amount of money on a less quality product. Spend more money initially, and you’ll spend less time at a low cost. Our top picks are selected according to durability.


Price is another important factor to consider. Because with a better price you can do something better. So make sure that you are ready o spend money in the right place.

Radiator fan from the Corsair will provide the best deal of cooling system. Because these have come at a cheap price. For the professionals, we have recommended the Corsair case fans. Because it will be perfect for professional use. Thermaltake also ensures your best cooling with maximum durability.


Warranty is another great feature for your radiator case fans. Because you can be able to get extra benefits from the warranty. Sometimes you will get up to 6-years of the lifetime warranty with Noctua case fans. So the warranty is also an important factor before buying the best radiator fans. Because the warranty will provide more security for your tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these Corsair Air Series AF120 fans quiet?
These fans are extremely quiet. I bought this pair and a single 140mm for my build, as well as 3 other fans that came stock with my tower, and I couldn’t be happier. The LED’s are prominent but not overpowering and the sound is non-existent, even at high RPM. Definitely a good purchase.

2. Is the Thermaltake fan good to use as a top exhaust case fan?
If your case has a spare 140mm fan slot, absolutely. Also, just like any other case fan, flip it around if you want it to be an intake. To see if what direction the wind goes through it, use an incense candle or something that gives off a slight amount of smoke and see if the smoke goes in or pushes it away, and you’ll know which side is intake and which is an outtake.

3. Should I use the Noctua NF-A14 FLX for both intake and exhaust?
They would work well as either, but I think it would be slightly better as an intake fan. The airflow is less directed so it will push a lot of air through efficiently, but it will spread out at a wide-angle. Noctua has other fans that blow air more directly and more concentrated. Other brands will give them SP and HF monikers to denote this.

4. What’s the difference between pro and standard TrueQuiet Pro?
The TrueQuiet Pro has a different fan blade construction and different speed settings, thus having different specs. It might have a different motor or something as well since, according to demos shown, the blades keep spinning as if frictionless upon shutdown as opposed to completely stopping after a few seconds. The Pro is also only available as a 120mm fan currently whereas the regular TrueQuiet fan is available in 120mm and 140mm flavors.

5. What are positive and negative airflow pressure?
This is a common question for the radiator case fan setup. Here you will get the full tutorial below-


So you decided to buy the best 140mm radiator case fan today. Remember, a radiator fan is very important for your personal computer. You’ve already got the idea that the best radiator fan and what their special features are. In addition, these products are from popular brands that provide excellent customer service. So you will not regret the decision and spend your money properly!

Overall, affordable ones will be great for any kind of computer fan. Hope you will buy the great one from here. Be sure to check our tips if you are in the first time to buy it. Leave a comment below for the best product. BestReviews.Vip is only for you. Best of luck!

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