5 Best Hand Priming Tool Reviews 2022 – Ultimate Guide

Are you planning to buy the Best hand priming tool or just want to gather some information about the priming tool? Of course, make sure that you first decide on the “best hand priming tool”. Having a top-quality hand priming tool is just as difficult as choosing the right tool today. But we have made your job very easy.

The next big decision you have to make is to choose the best hand priming tool. We know how challenging it could be to make a selection in a wide range of hand priming tools. Because you would be dealing with an overflow of choices. Especially in coming up with an informed and lucrative investment, our review guide is your initial step in making that important decision.

The construction material should be the biggest consideration, and this highly depends on the metal, your budget, as well as personal preferences. This is why a hand priming tool should be a staple tool in any household. So which ones are the best that money can buy? We’ve listed them all down for you.

So, which of the best hand priming tools are great for you? Choose it Yourself!

Top 5 Best Hand Priming Tools

5 Best Hand Priming Tool Reviews

1. Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Hand Priming Tool – Overall Best

Frankford is our first choice. The best hand priming tool that is stable and durable would be the Frankford Arsenal Perfect Hand Primer Seating Tool. It looks like the hand primer of the future. With the extra features as well as how convenient it is to use this one tool. It features many shell holders to hold every popular brass and cartridge you can think of.

Most importantly, the primer supply tray can hold up to a hundred primers at the same time. Because it works perfectly with both small and large primers. Furthermore, it is easy to change between them thanks to the thumb release.

Constructed of heavy-duty die-cast zinc with steel internal components. The entire system stores in a robust injection-molded case.

The Frankford Arsenal Hand Primer allows you to break out of the confines of the reloading room and take your priming anywhere. With a hand-operated, portable design, you can quickly and easily prime your brass from the couch. The primer tray automatically orients the primers for seating and features a hard stop that ensures you cannot crush a primer. This tool is a must-have for any reloader.

2. RCBS Cast Metal 90200 Hand Priming Tool

In the second number position, we select RCBS. The RCBS 90200 hand priming model is the predecessor of the 90201 universal hand priming tool. Apart from that, it’s still the same design, same black and white prime holders at a cheaper price. Everything about the tool is the same, except that it still requires shell holders and they have to be RCBS shell holders.

Safety mechanism separates the seating operation from the primer supply, virtually eliminating the possibility of tray detonation. The RCBS primer is significantly higher quality in virtually every way and does not require special shell holders which would probably end up lost. Overall, this is a great tool and pretty fast once you get the hang of it.

You have primed 300 cases in about an hour today, not sure if that’s fast or slow but it’s good enough for you. The Priming Tools And Accessories Manufactured By RCBS Make A Great Addition To Your Gunsmithing Workshop.

Once you get this thing set up it works really well. It is a super pain in the butt to switch from large to small primers but at least it uses your existing shell holders. It is much more progressive than my Lee hand primer so be careful not to push too hard or you might over seat or pop one-off due to overpressure.

3. RCBS Universal 90201 Hand Priming Tool

RCBS Universal 90201 is our third choice. We’ll spare you a long description of our “priming path” other than to say it ran off-press, on-press, and off-press again. The RCBS Universal Hand Priming Tool is the best we’ve used so far. Easy to insert brass correctly, surprisingly so given the “universal” spring shell holder. Primers do not jam at the ram. Other hand primers like the Hornady don’t do well specifically with small primers.

Clearing primers from the ram area do not cause primers to flip over. This would at times result in inserting a primer backward. A patented safety gate isolates the primer seating operation from the primer supply virtually eliminating the possibility of tray detonation.

We like this priming tool because it is working with a minimum of aggravation. I had a Lee Auto-prime XR and it was a piece of crap that jammed and double fed primers and a whole list of problems. The old Lee priming tool worked fairly well, but the new XR with so-called safety features works like crap. This RCBS is a much more reliable tool.

4. LEE PRECISION 90700 Hand Priming Tool

We’ve read mixed reviews about these, especially compared to the RCBS bench primer. In our review, this is well worth the money. You do have to bump the primer holder from time to time to make sure the primers feed, but the pathway is clear plastic, so you can see if they are feeding or not.

We have used it for 38 and small primer 45 with Federal primers in tuned revolvers, that do not tolerate high primers. We have yet to have that problem. I can seat the primers all the way in the pocket very easily. This priming tool impressed us. Hand priming sucks, but this one takes a lot of the pain away from that chore. We would easily recommend this to anyone, especially for the price.

Purchase this Lee Auto Bench Priming Tool just the other day and as of today, have primed 100 rounds of once-fired Hornady match grade brass. Hornady’s match-grade brass has crimped in primers and I had to remove the crimp from the primer pocket before reloading. This figures into our review.

Lee says federal primers need to be fed individually. We use CCI and haven’t had any hiccups.

5. LEE PRECISION 90230 Hand Priming Tool

The Lee New Auto Prime Hand Priming Tool is the updated version of a time-tested classic. The Auto Prime has been designed to work with every brand of primer and features the patent-pending “elevator pin” which safely separates a single primer from the tray reducing the likelihood of tray detonation.

The Auto Prime uses the same body and shell holders as the original but the rest of the components have been improved or replaced. Some of the upgrades include an unbreakable comfort curve lever and large triangular trays that accept all brands of primer boxes with slide-on covers for large or small primers.

We have purchased a lot of Lee Precision reloading components since we resumed handloading ammunition after a long hiatus. Generally speaking, we have found Lee products to be well made, very affordable, and fit for purpose. This tool is the only Lee product that we have not been completely satisfied with.

So go to the products specification page to check out the real documentation. Enjoy your reloading with Lee Precision.

Choose The Best Hand Priming Tool


We put safety ahead of all. Because the loading process is a risky process no doubt. Powerful and unstable explosives are always quite risky to handle. Do look for a hand priming tool that separates the priming operation from the primer tray. Any wrong move can cause a primer detonation. It’s good news that these modern hand primers have additional safety measures.


I would steer clear of the priming tools that require you to use just a thumb to depress the lever, as those are much more difficult. If hand strength is something that you struggle with, there are also non-portable priming tools that mount to a bench, which allow you to use your whole arm to prime cases. No matter what your situation is, there is a priming tool out there that will fit your needs! One of the most important features of a hand priming tool is going to be ergonomics. A hand priming tool is not going to do you a whole lot of good if you can only prime a dozen cases before you get tired. You will want to find a priming tool that fits very comfortably in your hand, but also one that has a long operation stroke and contoured grip.


Price is also a great factor to consider. The quality and ergonomics make the price differences among various priming tools. Many good priming tools are below $100 dollars, but they can cross this amount as well. You should, of course, consider your affordability but it is important to consider how comfortable would it be for you. It is not difficult to get something within your budget even if you look for popular brands.


Warranty is another great feature for your tools. Because you can be able to get extra benefits from the warranty. Sometimes you will get up to 5-years of the lifetime warranty with the RCBS hand priming tool. Lee precision also provides 1 year of the limited warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do the small one flip primers upside down?
The flaw in the design, I guess. Try holding at a slightly different angle. I rarely have that problem, rather the small piece on the front side splintering up. Then you get to reorder a completely new set. I just got the new Frankford Arsenal hand primer in, believe me, night and day, now it is a 5 Star hand primer.

2. I understand from one review that the tray does not flip primers. Is that correct?
I use federal primers and the Federal primer tray fits just inside the Frankford tray when I tip it over only about 3-4 primers end up the wrong way, very easy to just flip them over by hand, no flipping tray is needed.
On another note I reload for a .45 auto rim and none of the Frankford shell holders would work, I ordered a shell holder #13 for the Lee auto prime and it fits fine.

3. Do Lee shell holders work in this unit?
Lee shell holder for a lee loader will. BUT lee also makes a shell holder for their own primer tool also. basically, it is the top part of a shell holder. no bottom (grooved ledge). So, lee actually has two styles of shell holders. On a side note, I just sent back a lee hand priming tool AND the shell holders specific to it. it is a very hard tool to use. I’m not overly thrilled with the RCBS primer tool, but it works the best so far. it uses a regular bullet holder, either an RCBS or a LEE(that is made for the loaders, not the primer tool). hope that helps.

4. Will the shell holders in this kit work on an RCBS rock chucker?
Not sure. Never tried using the shell holders for anything else. Contact Frankford Arsenal for more information.


So you have made a decision to buy a hand priming tool for reloading. Remember, a hand priming tool is the best way for you to make your reloading easy and comfortable. You’ve already got the idea which the best hand priming tool and what are their special features. Furthermore, all these products are from popular brands which also provide excellent customer services. You won’t regret the decision and your money will be rightly spent!

The affordable ones will be great for simple activities while the ones with heavy-duty construction are great for sizing as well. Don’t forget to check our tips if this is your first time reloading. Good luck!!!

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